Skillion/Flat Roof Sheds

Flat roof garden sheds have a standard wall height of 1800mm all around and are suited for areas under cover or can be positioned on a slight incline to ensure water run off.

Skillion roof garden sheds have a standard wall height of 2010mm running down to 1800mm from either the front or the rear of the shed depending on the position. This ensures water run off and makes it more difficult for leaves to accumulate.

The maximum depth for both styles is 1545mm for standard sizing and 1890mm for custom sizing with outside base dimensions of all standard size products running at any combination of the following:

795mm, 1545mm, 2295mm, 3045mm, 3795mm, 4545mm, 5295mm, 6045mm.

Please keep in mind that all these sizes can be customised to suit!

Both style of sheds come standard with doors that are hinged with double bracing, padbolts and cabin latch for added strength, security and durability. Options include extra wide doors, sliding doors, louver windows, extra height walls and mixed colours.

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